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Mr. Foster communicates very well and brings an excellent work ethic to the table. I found him to be flexible, easy to work with, and he possessed a superior knowledge of higher education regulations – which eased my mind. I had complete faith in him and we achieved our desired result. I would highly recommend him and his helpful staff to anyone.

Mary Jean

Mr. Foster was hired via a third party agency to pursue litigation against a debtor who had defaulted on a student loan. Mr. Foster met with the debtor but was unable to resolve this issue and the matter was sent to trial. We spoke over the phone and via e-mail a couple of times in preparation for the trial. I was a witness and Mr. Foster was very good at preparing me for testimony and what may occur in court. He was well prepared for trial and we ended up with a judgment against the debtor for the amount we had requested.

Mr. Foster has a calm voice and demeanor which makes him easy to talk to which I believe helps diffuse any tense situations.

His office is well organized and is great with communicating to his clients.


I recommend Brett Alan Foster, Esquire to any financial institution needing an attorney to handle collection cases in the Orlando, Florida area. He is very professional and handled the case from beginning to end with the utmost care and in a timely manner that was agreeable for both sides.


A property owner who lost a violation fine case was responsible to pay tens of thousands of dollars of our Association’s legal fees. The owner had a history of being difficult and refusing to take any responsibility. During a period of a few years, Brett worked out several payment agreements with the owner. The owner kept asking to reduce his obligations and each time Brett was able to work out an arrangement that was acceptable to the owner and to the Association. This matter is now complete.

During the course of this matter, Brett answered several dozen questions from the Association. His responses were quick, clear, and helpful. He did a good job distinguishing between legal issues and business decisions.

Hopefully the Association will never need debt collection services again, but if we do we know who to turn to.



Lake Eola

We have used Brett many times to assist with collecting on our loan fund. He is always professional, thorough, and efficient. He takes time to talk through each possible scenario with us so we make an informed decision case by case.


Mr. Foster was very helpful, sensitive to my situation, and informative. He takes his time to explain the course of action that needs to be taken. Mr. Foster and his staff are always available to answer questions and response back in a timely manner. I really appreciate, my legal experience with Mr. Foster and his staff.